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Open Source Textbooks

Tuition is expensive but the books are even more expensive.  I’m sure things have change since I was to school but I remember paying for tuition and feeling like I just paid a large amount of money for nothing (I didn’t know better) but then I had to pay just as much if not more for books that I was going to use too much.  Now I used some books cover to cover, but there was no reason for the cost.

The idea of cutting costs by using Open Source Textbooks is a wonderful things.

Read the article to get more details. I can’t explain it properly.

Textbook prices have risen by over 800% in the last thirty years – so these two states are going to do something about it.

Source: States to Cut College Costs by Introducing Open Source Textbooks – Good News Network

Whole Foods Mothering A Goose

This is the type of thing that makes we want to spend money at a certain company.  A Canadian Goose and her husband laid three eggs in a grass isle in their parking lot.  Whole Foods employees set up a barricade to protect the nesting mother.  They also provided a kids swimming pool to proved fresh daily water.

The eggs are expected to hatch around May 5 and police and animal control are on standby to help the geese cross the parking lot and the road into the their more natural habitat.

A Whole Foods in Colorado is giving people another good reason to waddle down their aisles, protecting a mother goose.

Source: Whole Foods Is Mothering A Goose in its Parking Lot – Good News Network

Canada Rules to Uphold Net Neutrality

While the whole world is  trying to restrict or charge extra for certain types of internet use Canada has taken a leading step of keep all data equal.

Big companies that provide internet services have wanted to charge extra if you want to listen to music or watch videos.  The CRTC had said that all data is equal and now has a new framework for fairness.

Now that is a simplified view on a complex topic, but this is a great thing for Canada.  Hopefully the rest of the world follows.

This framework supports a fair marketplace for services, cultural expression and ideas in which Internet service providers compete on price, quality of service, speeds, data allowance and better service offerings, rather than by treating the data usage of certain content differently.

Internet providers will not longer be able to give preferential treatment to other services with slanted pricing and speeds.

Source: Canada Rules to Uphold Net Neutrality – Good News Network

Business Lessons from A Quiet Gardener

This quiet gardener has taken lessons from his gardening and applied them to everyday life and business.  The article talks about the world being a system of interdependent parts where healthy, sustaining relationships are essential to the vitality of the whole.

The people who know me best know that at heart I am just a quiet gardener. My garden has probably taught me the most about how things grow – and thrive in a vibrant and sustainable manner.

Source: Business Lessons from A Quiet Gardener, by William Rosenzweig