Judge Dismisses Ticket When Woman Early

I am a strict rule follower.  Even if you think the rule is unfair or ridicules I believe you need to follow the rules.  If you do thing the rule is wrong then you need to change it, not break it.  Follow the rule until you can have it changed.

Now, in this case, this case the broken rule is ridicules.  This lady received a ticket for parking two seconds early.  That’s right, two seconds early. The area was no parking until 10:00 AM and she received a ticket at 9:59:58 AM.

The judge had a laugh and then let her off. The article has a video.

It’s not all doom and gloom in this judiciary court – in fact, Chief Judge Frank Caprio tries to make it feel like quite the opposite.

Source: Humorous Judge Dismisses “Ridiculous” Ticket When Woman Parks 2 Seconds Early – Good News Network

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