Open Source Textbooks

Tuition is expensive but the books are even more expensive.  I’m sure things have change since I was to school but I remember paying for tuition and feeling like I just paid a large amount of money for nothing (I didn’t know better) but then I had to pay just as much if not more for books that I was going to use too much.  Now I used some books cover to cover, but there was no reason for the cost.

The idea of cutting costs by using Open Source Textbooks is a wonderful things.

Read the article to get more details. I can’t explain it properly.

Textbook prices have risen by over 800% in the last thirty years – so these two states are going to do something about it.

Source: States to Cut College Costs by Introducing Open Source Textbooks – Good News Network

Whole Foods Mothering A Goose

This is the type of thing that makes we want to spend money at a certain company.  A Canadian Goose and her husband laid three eggs in a grass isle in their parking lot.  Whole Foods employees set up a barricade to protect the nesting mother.  They also provided a kids swimming pool to proved fresh daily water.

The eggs are expected to hatch around May 5 and police and animal control are on standby to help the geese cross the parking lot and the road into the their more natural habitat.

A Whole Foods in Colorado is giving people another good reason to waddle down their aisles, protecting a mother goose.

Source: Whole Foods Is Mothering A Goose in its Parking Lot – Good News Network

Business Lessons from A Quiet Gardener

This quiet gardener has taken lessons from his gardening and applied them to everyday life and business.  The article talks about the world being a system of interdependent parts where healthy, sustaining relationships are essential to the vitality of the whole.

The people who know me best know that at heart I am just a quiet gardener. My garden has probably taught me the most about how things grow – and thrive in a vibrant and sustainable manner.

Source: Business Lessons from A Quiet Gardener, by William Rosenzweig

Finding A Lost Dog Is An Emotional Rollercoaster 

Maybe I’m dead inside, but I didn’t see the emotional side of the story. This woman stole a dog then gave it back. Okay, okay, this woman saved a dog, tried hard to find an owner and tweets about it the whole time.

Hopefully you can find the emotional rollercoaster part of the story.


Source: This Story About Finding A Lost Dog Is An Emotional Rollercoaster | The Huffington Post