The Royals And Mental Health

The Royal Couple are at it again, promoting awareness of mental health issues around the world.  It’s good to see them spending so much time on this issue.

Prince William stressed that it’s vital for people to recognize that mental health should not be considered a stigmatized topic given how common conditions like depression or anxiety are around the world.

Conversation is everything.

Source: The Royals Make A Perfect Observation About Mental Health | The Huffington Post

Mend a ‘Broken’ Heart

Doctors can now use a 3D-bioprinted patch to help heal scare tissue after a heart attack.

3D printing is being used in so many ways but this is really cool. Any biomedical use for 3D printing is extraordinary and completely wonderful.

Read the article for more details.

We are now one step closer to effectively healing victims of the number one leading cause of death in America.

Source: 3D-Printed Patch Can Help Mend a ‘Broken’ Heart – Good News Network

Fake Beauty Ads With Mental Health Meaning

Funny ads focused on ending stigma through storytelling. There are three video ads to watch and they certainly tell a story.  Although, I don’t understand the EAU C D ad, but maybe that’s the point.

Watch the ads here.

The commercials cover the symptoms that come along with mental health conditions, such as panic attacks, extreme stress and rumination. Anxiety and OCD are represented by perfumes, called “Anxiété” and “Eau C D,” and trauma is personified through a long-wear lipstick.

Source: These Fake Beauty Ads Have A Secret Mental Health Meaning | The Huffington Post

Woman Turns Cubicle Into Log Cabin, Wins First Place In Decorating Contest – Good News Network

Before I had an office, I have loved to give this a go. I’m not sure I’d have the skills to pull it off.

This cozy Lincoln Logs design complete with wine rack and roof won Melissa O’Neil the much-desired first place in the office decorating contest.

Source: Woman Turns Cubicle Into Log Cabin, Wins First Place In Decorating Contest – Good News Network