Mental health first aid as widespread as CPR?

This is a long read but very interesting look at MHFA (Mental Health First Aid).  The idea that it should be as common as CPR is surprising but it makes sense.

It would be nice if this training was available for our Firefighters and Police as they often deal with mental illness in their day-to-day routines.

More people are suffering and miss more time from work from depression compared to any other medical problem

Source: What if mental health first aid was as widespread as CPR?

Judge Dismisses Ticket When Woman Early

I am a strict rule follower.  Even if you think the rule is unfair or ridicules I believe you need to follow the rules.  If you do thing the rule is wrong then you need to change it, not break it.  Follow the rule until you can have it changed.

Now, in this case, this case the broken rule is ridicules.  This lady received a ticket for parking two seconds early.  That’s right, two seconds early. The area was no parking until 10:00 AM and she received a ticket at 9:59:58 AM.

The judge had a laugh and then let her off. The article has a video.

It’s not all doom and gloom in this judiciary court – in fact, Chief Judge Frank Caprio tries to make it feel like quite the opposite.

Source: Humorous Judge Dismisses “Ridiculous” Ticket When Woman Parks 2 Seconds Early – Good News Network

NYC Will Transform 30 Blocks into a Pedestrian Utopia For Earth Day

New York City will make 30 blocks pedestrian only for Earth Day. This is a great move and should every weekend, not just for six hours one day of this year.  Hopefully this will be a regular event.

Manhattan roads off Broadway will play host to fitness classes, sustainability workshops, and recreational options. Citi bikes normally for rent will also be free to use all day.


Downtown Manhattan will shut down to cars and buses, and be filled up with activities for pedestrians in honor of Earth Day.

Source: NYC Will Transform 30 Blocks into a Pedestrian Utopia For Earth Day – Good News Network

Spotlight on Earth Day, by Shari Swanson

Earth Day is on April 22, 2017. Plant a tree!

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day marks a global celebration of Earth and the concept of peace. It presents an opportunity to demonstrate support for environmental protection. From lush rain forests to arid deserts, thundering waterfalls to serene ponds, majestic glaciers to craggy mountains and teeming coral reefs, Earth is a complex, interconnected planet, filled with diversity and abundance. New species continue to be discovered, and the relationships among species and ecosystems are increasingly revealed in our understanding as intricate and inextricably linked. To be tenants of Planet Earth is a cause for gratitude, but we also have responsibilities to maintain and protect our planet for each other and for future generations. In this Spotlight on Earth Day, we take a look back at prior DailyGood features and offer some suggestions of how you can support and celebrate this planet we all call home.

Source: Spotlight on Earth Day, by Shari Swanson