A Mindful Approach to Time Management

This is a conversation with Laura Vanderkam and Leah Weiss talking about how we spend our hours.

I have never thought about a definition of the term mindfulness but this article starts off with one.

Mindfulness is a term that is being thrown around in a lot of different contexts. My favorite definition is a combination of intention—setting intention for your attention—with an attitude of curiosity or non-judgment.

The first part I understood as being mindfulness but I had never thought about curiosity or non-judgment part.  While I have been mindful of judging others, I had never thought about judging myself.

Do you have dreams you are putting off for that “someday” in the future? Dreams of writing a book, taking a journey that changes your life, creating an organization to help the world, or any other vision that would give more meaning to your life? The cause of putting these dreams off for someday in the future is the lack of focus in our days. We expend too many hours on tasks that have little to do with what is most important to us. Laura Vanderkam addresses these concerns in her discussion about mindfulness in the workplace and our day-to-day lives. She suggests we use each moment mindful so that we can connect to our purpose for being alive whether it be the simple wish to be a loving force, or to help us on our way to achieving our dreams.

Source: A Mindful Approach to Time Management, by Heleo Editors

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