A ‘Real’ School Of Wizardry Is Opening

Well now you can visit a school of witchcraft, but it’s the no-name version of Harry Potter. Sounds like bundles of fun if you are into Harry Potter because while they can’t use the names or the universe, they have made it very similar.

At £400 to £450 ($660 to $740 CDN) it would be a great weekend.  You get to enjoy an extended dinner theatre with robes provided, but you need to bring your own wand.

Fizzing whizbees, it’s a magic retreat!

For all the young readers who waited in anticipation for a letter of acceptance to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hopeful in spite of an awareness that it would probably never show, that dream ― or a version of it, anyway ― can now be realized.

Source: A ‘Real’ School Of Wizardry Is Opening In An English Castle This Year | The Huffington Post

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