Canada Rules to Uphold Net Neutrality

While the whole world is  trying to restrict or charge extra for certain types of internet use Canada has taken a leading step of keep all data equal.

Big companies that provide internet services have wanted to charge extra if you want to listen to music or watch videos.  The CRTC had said that all data is equal and now has a new framework for fairness.

Now that is a simplified view on a complex topic, but this is a great thing for Canada.  Hopefully the rest of the world follows.

This framework supports a fair marketplace for services, cultural expression and ideas in which Internet service providers compete on price, quality of service, speeds, data allowance and better service offerings, rather than by treating the data usage of certain content differently.

Internet providers will not longer be able to give preferential treatment to other services with slanted pricing and speeds.

Source: Canada Rules to Uphold Net Neutrality – Good News Network

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