Stand Up To Hate

To focus on the happy, we need to learn how to stand up to hate.  There is plenty of hate and ignorance in the world today and this article give eight ways to stand up to hate.

Here is a list of the eight ways the article says we can stand up to hate.  Give the article a read for some great information and videos about each point.

  1. Educate Yourself
  2. Be the First to Speak Up
  3. Practice Being Conspicuous
  4. Ask for Help When You Need It
  5. Find a Heroic Role Model
  6. Make Connections with People Different from You
  7. Ask People What They Really Need
  8. Press the Mental Pause Button

“When attackers are targeting people of a particular skin color or creed, you have a responsibility to intervene if you believe all humans are valuable and worthy of protection.” – from #7

“It’s an inconvenient psychological truth: No matter how rock-solid your values are, you’ll have to guard against the tendency to overlook them in the moment.” – from #8

Source: DailyGood, Read Full Article

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