Say Your Truths & Seek Them In Others

A good TED talk from Elizabeth Lesser on seeking your truth, the real you hidden under the layers from social norms that we hide behind so we can fit in and get along, get a job, get a date.

You can watch the TED Talk video or read the transcript. Well worth it.

“Every newborn was as singular as a snowflake, a matchless mash-up of biology and ancestry and mystery. And then that baby grows up, and in order to fit into the family, to conform to the culture, to the community, to the gender, that little one begins to cover its soul, layer by layer. We’re born this way…

But as we grow, a lot of things happen to us that make us … want to hide our soulful eccentricities and authenticity. We’ve all done this. Everyone in this room is a former baby.” – Elizabeth Lesser

Source: TED Talks on DailyGood by Elizabeth Lesser

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